Why is Live Business Training Still So Popular?

Posted: January 10, 2019

With so many alternative business training and sales and marketing courses available to busy, cost-conscious business people (e.g. books, online webinars, video courses, audio books, etc.) why is attending a training event in person still such a popular way to learn?

Big Business Events runs regular free and paid business training events in Essex, London and elsewhere, all of which are well attended (just take a look at some of our photos and videos in this site to see). So today we’re exploring why live business training is still the preferred option for so many business owners.

We’ve identified five key reasons why live business workshops and events are a more efficient way to train:

More Commitment

Attending a live training event requires a significant commitment of time and energy compared to logging on to a webinar, reading a book or other training methods. This immediately separates those who are serious about growing their business from those who aren’t.

Physically attending a training sends a powerful message to your brain – that “this is important, pay attention” which enhances learning. And, of course, entrepreneurs and small business owners hate wasting time – so there’s a high motivation to put in maximum effort and get the most out of what’s on offer.

Better Focus

Being in a training room means you’re NOT in the office or at home. Attending a business training or sales and marketing course ensures your full attention: no emails, no phones ringing, no interruptions from staff, no social media or other everyday distractions.

This means you’re present in the moment and can focus on learning – giving you valuable time to think about how to apply what you’re learning to your business.

Group Power

It’s a lonely job being an entrepreneur. But being part of a group, even for a day (or three – depending on the course) means you’ll open yourself up to new energy and new ideas.

Hearing about other businesses and their issues means you understand the material from a range of other angles, not just your own.

Adam Stott’s range of sales and marketing courses also offer networking opportunities which can provide mutual support or give rise to new business opportunities.

Hands-on / Interactive Learning

Never underestimate the power of taking action within the training. Taking immediate action is far more powerful than reading something or hearing about something in theory and ‘meaning to’ action it later on. Adam Stott’s range of sales and marketing courses mean you come away with practical skills that you can apply straight away in your business.

Help at Hand

Attending Big Business Events’ training courses enables you to get any questions you may have – no matter how big or small – answered in real time, by the trainer who’s training you. Getting your questions answered in real time accelerates your learning, maximising the effectiveness of the training overall, ensuring you leave the training with a solid understanding of the topic.

Live Training Opportunities by Big Business Events

Big Business Events provide a wide range of live business training events on practical, actionable business skills, including sales and social media domination.

Click here to discover what Adam Stott’s sales and marketing courses can do for you and your business.

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