Social Media Monetisation Unlocked

Join a community of hungry business owners at the best free business training available

how business owners can use a simple 4-step process to finally make money using social media, stop posting 'for the sake of it' and stop wasting money on ads that don't convert

(even if you think that social media won’t work for your business, or you have tried and failed before)

🤝 How to generate more leads, clients, and sales in your business… no matter what industry you operate in, without having to post endless amounts of content or spending thousands on ads that don’t convert.
🥇 How to create a high-quality audience on all the major social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.
💬 How you can use our Chat + Earn formula to fill your inbox with meaningful connections from people who want your products or services.
😁 The power of funnels – we’ll show you how many of the world’s top marketers are ditching websites in favour of clever funnels that turn traffic into your perfect prospects.
🚀 Stop wasting time on ‘box ticking’ content, instead concentrate on the social media activities that drive business results.
✅ And much, much more!
By the time we’re through, you’ll know how to use our 4 – step process to start monetizing social media for your business.

Here's what you are going to learn on the day



2. Chat and Earn

If you followed step one correctly you should have new leads falling at your feet, so you now have the audience you’ve always wanted now you need to concentrate on building a true connection with these new leads that are flowing through, so they stay not just for a few months but for the foreseeable future.

Something that can’t be forgotten is that content is passive but the connection is real! Most people get into the habit of creating content that most people would simply just scroll past if this sounds anything like how your social media is currently run, that is another reason why this event should be a priority to you!

If/when you do attend the Social Media Monetisation unlocked event I will share my secret “chat and earn formula” which will see your inbox fill up as you could never believe.




4. Income Generation

A lot of businesses nowadays are spending too much time on social media, as they feel like they have to, posting content that nobody really cares about and there is a lack of engagement, which then with that no relationships are built and in turn, no income is generated.

In this final step, we’re going to stop all of your bad social media habits for good! We will just be focusing on the important stuff, so instead of posting anything and everything, you’ll be posting the right things.

If you don’t want to be successful or are okay with their business failing to improve, then this training probably isn’t for you. But If you would like to improve your failing business and see a huge influx of client growth then please register and reserve your seat, as you’re not going to want to miss this!

  1. Building An Audience
Clients finding you instead of you having to find them is the dream for just about every business owner. Attending this event will hopefully do just that for you and your business.
This event will take you through how to be the master of every popular social media channel, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Linkedin. If you’re doing any of the following when trying to improve social media interactions –

– Boosting your social media posts

– Continuing to push out content that seems to go under the radar

– Spending valuable time on social media and seeing no return

– And worst of all spending money on social media not seeing enough of a result to continue doing so

If you are indeed still doing any of this, then you must make this event a priority on your calendar, due to it firstly being free, but also to help yourself and SAVE your business.

3. Using funnels to gain more leads

I have seen first hand what happens to a business when they start to see more demand for their service and see a flurry of enquiries coming in, they send them to a website to fill out a form, and the time they’ve had to fill out that form it has given them time to think again and look elsewhere so that hot lead you thought you had slipped through your fingers.

The main reason for this is that websites are dead! There’s a reason some of the most successful businesses are using funnels, during the training I will show you how you can use funnels just like the world’s best marketers.

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